Please put creature factory 2 in the e-shop

Man, BF you guys are breaking my heart. I understand that you want to push this idea of the cloud but after months of been a cloud exclusive can you sell Creature Factory as a download only option in the e-shop. I have been checking waiting to see something and frankly the selection is still the same old stuff.

I am not going to subscribe to the cloud just to get my hands on it. I am not interested in Gooseberry that much actually to be honest most of the Blender movies are not my kind of movies.

The e-shop is another way of supporting Blender so give me something I want buy please…

I agree +1000

agreed +10000

Why not just subscribe, download the files and then unsubscribe? It’d cost near a third of the price of the other downloadable options. I can understand if you don’t want to support Gooseberry, but don’t kid yourself that some of the e-shop money isn’t going into Gooseberry.

I do agree that the exclusives should be timed, but it has to be long enough to give incentive to join the cloud.

Right now though, it seems like training material isn’t coming out fast enough to maximize the value one gets for the subscription, and I do wonder if they’re even considering ways to have it give continuous value such as a renderfarm type service or the option to use a copy of Blender on a top-end machine via a client app. (with safeguards for your work like the saved .blend files getting sent to your hard drive).

Well, I’m not one to drop $35 on a training DVD, so getting 9 of them for $12.50 a month is a pretty sweet deal in my book. I imagine if someone has a fully stocked shelf of training DVDs, it’s not as good of a deal, though.

cloud based rendering would be pretty awesome. Maybe have a certain number of credits per month with the subscription, with more available to purchase if you have a large project.

Because to sign up to the cloud you need to pay upfront for a 3 months-subscription (minimum), which for me would cost $70 (they do this because they don’t want you to do what you described)

Now I like to support BF as much as the next guy and I don’t even mind supporting Gooseberry but quite frankly the only thing the Blender cloud has going for it (for me, right now) is Creature Factory 2 and singing up for an extended “contract” just for a tutorial is complete and utter bullshit.

That thought crossed my mind but there is a minimum three month subscription fee that is higher than the cost of a single download purchase:eyebrowlift:.