Please take a look at the picture: a serious material/texture/particles issue

When I make a particle system on a common material like solid colors or color ramp, the hair gets pretty and gets the right color.
But if I make the particle system on a material with FACE TEXTURE option chosen as seen on the picture, and make UV mapping(eg. project from view), the particles stay WHITE!!!
Please compare the two sections on the picture, - the upper section (face texture) is ugly white - obviously not working at all - the one below linked to a plain color ramp is nice and pretty.

Does anyone know how I can let the particles hair take the color of the UV map??? I´ve spent hours on solving this
problem - used to be easy in 2.49b but now in 2.6+ its complicated…

Is there reason why you want to use ‘Face Texture’ rather than just add the texture to the material which would then show up the texture in the particles

Well, obviously I need “face texture” to use the AV mapping tool…, my texture(based on a picture) is a furry animal, and I need the nose, eyes, ears on the texture to show up precisely on the model where they are supposed to be:) so I need the AV mapping tool to adjust I guess…

You don’t need ‘face texture’ enabled for that.
UV mapped textures added to the material are visible in the 3d viewport in textured view as well as in the UV/Image editor window

You´re an angle:cool: I didn´t know that technique, but now I do, it works splendidly