Please texture everything.

If you feel up to it, please texture everything in this blender file to make it look like what’s shown in the real-world version of it.

The metallic floor should be slightly shiny/reflective, but with lots of scratches/dents on it, and have a faded look.

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file is empty

oh, advanced nuclear reactor… Chernobil reconstruction?

confirming the emptiness :smiley:

Oh crap, thanks for pointing that out.

Here it is again.

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What is it for? How many materials do you want?

As many materials as possible, particularly the floor, which is a worn/scratched metal.

Ok, I’d like to try it.
I’ll focus on the floor being the most important from there elevation wise less texture/detail further up.

Well there’s lots of cleanup to do with verts. I’ll do more tomorrow. First mission:

Thank you so much!

Almost ready to texture it.

UVs will likely improve from seen here

Holy $#!^ that looks incredible! thank you!