Please texture this tank

Please texture this tank like how it’s seen in the following photos.!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgRLGLt6DhKvFB9yI

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I took a look at your model the topology is bad and it can’t be unwraped properly.For example a lot of vertices aren’t connected and there are a lot of n-gons.You need to fix this first before anything else.I would have used substance painter to texture it but i dont have time to fix it.

ill get onto it asap, I’m studying at the moment and cant guarantee a date but ill fix the topology for you and texture it.

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you can try this one

this is the result

Awesome! Can I please have the file?

Are all the ngons fixed?

I don’t think the topology is fixed since this is just a material in blender and there is no need to unwrap it.However I can texture it in substance painter for a better result if anyone fixes the model so I can export it properly from blender