Please texture this

Please texture this based on these reference photos. File is attached at bottom.


MGR Finished.blend (9 MB)

Would procedural textures count ?

What are procedural textures?

It looks like a green and dark green GMCDT camouflage pattern.

Here is a video of it for more reference.

Remember to apply a scratched/worn non-reflective metal appearance to it.

Procedural meaning, the textures will not have any UVs or physical textures, you can bake them out later if you want.

It seems that your model has a lot of inconsistencies, when I apply the scale and rotation the normals of some of the pieces gets inverted. You need to fix the model first before doing anything with it.

What do I need to do with it?

Try applying the rotation and scale of some of the pieces and see what happens, their normals get inverted, meaning you have to fix them by recalculation or manual adjusting some parts, I see that you have separate inverted meshes presented to be “Cut lines” in the mesh. Id suggest you remove those meshes and use real boolean cuts instead, it would ease up the texturing process by a lot.

Can you just work around the cut lines? That would be a lot of work to turn the cut line meshes into boolean cuts.

There is a new version of the project that I edited to give it’s legs a more believable center of gravity. Here it is.


MGR Sitting.blend (8.91 MB)

Okay I have tried to texture your blend file model and Retrax was correct, the origins of your pieces were in many different areas. I spent some time removing doubles and moving the origins to the center of the grid and applying location, rotation, and scale. That took a bit of time. I exported the mesh to another program and it worked and I applied a base texture to it. Unfortunately I cannot post blend files. I will be after three more posts, I am tired so here is a picture of what I have rendered in an external renderer. It is based on the original blend file you posted. I will try to finish it tomorrow with the black lines and yellow stripe on the rail gun. Also the uv’s are ugly, I let the 3D-coat program take the model and unwrap it so its in hundreds of little pieces.


I had to move and rotate the original pieces many times to reposition them into place.

My mesh was somewhat of a mess, but that’s only because this is the fourth thing that I’ve ever made using blender, and I have less than one year’s experience with the program and 3D modeling in general.

Also, is there any way to darken the color of the textures slightly?

Can you post this to dropbox and share the link?

Alright. Don’t worry about the model I understand, I think everyone is the same way you make an object and you don’t understand all the tools just yet. It’s cool your fourth model is way beyond my fourth model.

Anyway, I have attached a blend file in a google drive link. I added some darker green patterns and a brown pattern. The emission lights can be controlled by changing the value from 0 to 8. Also I was able to pack all the textures but I could not pack the environment map. It should work in cycles and eevee if you want to see it in real time.

Also there are some mistakes I made with the mesh on the legs if you are looking from the back at an angle I forgot to flip the normals. Take Care

Thanks! But why is the background pink and the mesh completely black when I render using ctrl+z?


My bad. The pink background is there because I used a hdri environment map to light the scene. I also just checked the file and realized that I did not pack the normal and the metalness maps. I am loading all of the textures that I used into the google drive folder.

Also if want to get rid of the pink background just go into the word nodes and delete the environment texture node. I don’t own the HDRI I got it from HDRi haven I am including it as well.

They the pictures of the node groups and the hdri are taking a little time due to my slow internet sorry.

I have also included some pictures to show you which textures I placed in each image slot.

Where is the environment texture node?

Are you uploading a new version of it?

I am making a new version it will open with the world nodes open and you will have to open the little folder icon on the Environment Texture Node and open the HDRI file. Give it some time around 15 minutes and I will have it uploaded. The HDRI file is zipped but it needs to be unzipped to work in blender I think.

Thanks! Could you make the black trim on it’s jaw and face more visible?


Done it should be in the dropbox as MGS_Final_Textured_Camo - Version 2 No_HDRI_Black_Lines. If you need to define other areas then just enter edit mode and use face select and assign the Black_Lines material. Have a nice day.

Is this the correct file?

I’m still getting a pink background and a solid black render.


My bad I linked to the initial file and not the folder Here is the folder with all of the items in it. The last blend file should be the latest one.

Which of the three files is the latest? And what do I do with all the other stuff that’s in there?

I still get a solid-black render.