Please, update the Android build

Hello everyone.
Please, look

and this.

I wish to use it, but please, update the build to the latest version.

I don’t care about limitations of the touch screen, because I’ll use it with physical mouse + keyboard.

Keep me informed.

Where did you get those builds, I know the BF does not support Android or make builds for it officially?

If you found someone offering an Android build, you might need to ask him.

I found it on Google. Look here.
But it’s a 2.6, we’re now close to 2.8.

It’s not official, but it’s on the Blender servers.

P.S.: Did you ever hear about BlenderPocket?
(unofficial port of Blender to PocketPC, aka Windows Mobile)

It could’ve been some experimental thing they did a while ago, since they don’t provide access to those builds via any links on any of’s pages.

So you found genuine builds, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up or report any issues with them to the tracker. If the devs. were to start a concerted effort to build for Android, users who trawl the official channels would quickly receive the news and post it.