Meet Herchi, the probable offspring of our dear canine pet babies Hershey and Hachi.
She has the tenacity of her mother and the demand to attention by her father.

I simply couldn’t resist puppies’ epic tilted cute stares and beggings; can you?

Made with: Blender and GIMP
Rendered with: Cycles

High res version and wallpaper pack available for download at:

Thank you so much for your time. :slight_smile:



Hi,i like it , you create cool character with nice color and concept but i have one question why her eyes don’t have same reflection?

Whilst you render is perfect

Thanks for art work.

Great! I love it!

your art is alway so amazing and so so colorful…i love colors in your’s renders.this is excelent,but i agree with JSaffari…eyes are litle weird,other than that is excelent…five stars from me.

かわいいー。([ka-wa-i.i] cute;adorable;lovable)
I really can’t sum it up any better than that

Wow. The colors are so soft, I love it. I want to give this thing a hug :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff as alway raynante. Is the skin a simple SSS shader or did you do more to it? I love the marzipan look, make it look cute and sweet at the same time.

very cutesy with a great style & look.
love the eyes. :slight_smile:

So fat and fluffy :open_mouth:
extremely cute!
Nice job.

Cute and colorful!

Something about it makes me think it’s feline…? But dog bowl and bone throwing me off.

Great work Reyn!

Very very cute character. I agree with DorienVincent, she looks more feline than canine. I think it is the shape of the head and ears.

I love the colors and it is a great render.

love this one!