Pleeeeaase help

HELLO, i just registered on here to find this out it probably is a stupid question but anyway here goes, how do i get rid of the grey screen that i see every time i press p to go to the game engine it never used to do that, but ever since i updated to blender 2.48 the screen just goes grey when i press p. WHY WHY… please tell me how to stop this.

This is really weird. Are there any objects in sight before you press P? Also Blender 2.48a was released recently, which just might happen to fix this problem you’re having (if it’s a bug, and you happen to be one of the unlucky few that experience one of the bugs that were introduced in 2.48), so try getting that update.

Other people have had this problem when they have their camera be a dynamic object parented to something else. A dynamic object should never be parented to anything… fix that if that’s the problem.

Otherwise, we’ll probably have to see the blend.

yes there are object in the view port. I updated to 2.48a but it still does it

The camera is static, ok heres the Blend file…if you could fix the problem and get back to me that would be colossal…

I see no gray screen… But I think that car of yours is ridiculously hi-poly.

Sorry, but the blend works fine for me. If you’re sure you’re graphics card drivers are up to date, then you might want to file a bug report: