plese help me with SubSur

I am new to Bender, actually I am new to the whole grafic thing :wink:
my problem:
i tried the “Modeling Bongo” guide (link: )
now I have one problem:

When I separate the mashes and use “subdivision surface” their is no straight cut, but curves. If I join the mashes again there are ugly holes when I use sub sur.
please help me.

(excuse my english please)


can you post screenshots!?

with sds you never get hard edges but only smooth curves.

from what you explain it sounds like you miss to select some cvs while seperating parts of the mesh! always select all cvs that form selected faces!!!


Screenshots or a .blend would definatey help.

Also, did you remove the doubles?

If not you’ll have two sets of vertices where matching edges come together. One set has to be removed.

Select all vertices to be “welded together” along the edges.
If they are already aligned click Wkey/Remove Doubles.
If they need to be aligned, click S for scale, middle mouse drag along the appropriate axis, and Ctlr to scale in exact units. Scale down to 0 on that axis. Then remove doubles as above.

You’ll then need to recalculate the face normals of the mesh so they all point outward. Hit Ctrl+Nkey then ok. (Gets rid of the weird dark blotches on your joined mesh among other things)

Thank you so much!!!

the key was to remove the doubles
Now there is one smooth surface again
THANK YOU!!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(how do I post images?)

We aim to please! :slight_smile:

To post images you’ll have to upload them to server.
Alltaken is offering free account’s to artist on his server here: