Plexus 2 style renders?

Not sure if this was supposed to go into rendering or materials and textures.

I’m trying to achieve a the Plexus 2 style in blender.

Wasn’t sure if maybe Freestyle could do something like this or if there is a script out there that not only renders wireframe but can control the sizes of the vertexes so that they would appear as spheres. I feel like if I were to build my own meshes I could have way more control over how everything deforms.

I know on the surface of it most of the things could be done in straight wireframe but I just wasn’t sure if there was any wiggle room to change vertex size in some way.

You’d probably have to use a particle system to do the vertex stuff. One of the options for spawning particles is at vertices. Plexus itself is described as a “particle system plugin” - so it would make sense.

Wire frame rendering or freestyle could probably handle the edges (although I don’t have any experience using these). The mesh faces look like they have been rendered using flat shading - and there seems to be some random element to the face colours. I’m pretty sure I have seen a tutorial around here that describes how to do that.

To get the out of focus/dreamy look - you’d also need to use compositor nodes within blender. Materials alone are unlikely to get you close enough to the look of Plexus.