Plug node set up to Displace modifier?

Is it possible to link a node set up of images from the shader editor to modifiers image slot? say the Displace modifier?

For example, I blend a couple of height maps in the shader editor with tiling, there should be a way to plug that setup to the image slot of the displace modifier. Displace modifier only uses one image unfortunately.

Also found this:

That was six years ago.

If I recall this is possible in 3dsmax. Is there any plans to add this to blender using geometry nodes or in some shape or form?

You can’t make a node link to displace modifier. Old modifiers are not nodes.
Only recent geometry nodes modifier can handle node links.
If you look at geometry nodes threads, you will find examples of displacement.

But if you want to use Displace modifier, you have to bake shader’s result as an image, and then use this baked texture in modifier.

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Thanks for the info, zeauro.

Baking the displacement map will ruin the resolution of the maps if they were tiled before blending and if the maps cover a large area. Unless it is baked at a high resolution which isn’t the best tbh.

I will take a look at geometry nodes.

With cycles, you can link directly to the displace socket in the material output node. With eevee however, this isn’t so easy. I think baking is your only solution if you are using eevee.

I am aware of that. Thanks.

I am looking at applying displacement and exporting meshes especially with Nanite being a thing in ue5.

Not rendering in Blender currently. Applying the displacement modifier using nodes is way more straight forward and intuitive. Baking and then re-importing texture would not always ensure the best resolution especially if they were initially tiled and less intuitive workflow wise.

Giving geometry nodes a spin currently.