plugins and fonts??

(the wave) #1

i’m kinda confused :-? . where can you find plugins and how do you use them?? second, where can i find fonts to use with blender. it only has one right now. thanks…

(hannibar) #2

to use plugins :
go to the text-editor (shift-F11)
at the bottom of the text window you’ll see a butto with a ‘-’ on. click it, and push ‘open new’.
then select the .py file you need.

when the text is loaded press alt-p to activate the script.

et voila

(ray_theway) #3

Blender uses Postscript Type 1 fonts (pfb’s). I know there are places where you can find these fonts, but I prefer using a ttf converter called ttf2pt1.
Here’s the actual website:

Here’s the windows version: