Plugins for 2.23 on 2.25

(S68) #1

I’m rendering that temple you might have seen in the WIP forum

I’m using my 2.25 Publisher ‘Foundation’ and I wanted to use the t-texture plugin for terrain…

I couldn’t!!!

In 2.23 it is loaded and works, 2.25 complains and doesn’t load it.

Is this normal?


(phlo) #2

i haven’t the plugin. where can i download the plugin to test it?
google returned too mutch pages… 8)


(theeth) #3

many plugins don’t work for 2.25. Maybe the plugin api was changed or something… Anyway, 2.25 renders a lot slower (from the GUI only) than 2.23, so unless you’re ussing a very special functions (like the NLA), you would probably be better off rendering in 2.23. :-?


(S68) #4

Actually is what I do :slight_smile:


([email protected]) #5

Hi S68,

Im having the same problems with the plug ins, i thought
it was my computer,

I hope we can get this one fixed :slight_smile:

Hi paradoxon,

you can find the plug in`s here:


(Koryo) #6

Hello all,

To the best of my knowledge, this is a bug in 2.25. The only 2.25 version in
which I can successfully use plugins is the FreeBSD release. I know that
plugins do not work in the Windows or Linux releases and I suspect that they
may not work in others.