(phlip) #1

What is the plugin option in the textures panel?
Where can I get them and/or how could I make one?
Do they work in the Windows version or is it a linux thing?
Feel free to laugh at my ignorance if these are easy questions, I won’t mind, much :stuck_out_tongue:

(wavk) #2

You can program your own procedural textures with C. These are dll’s under windows and something similar on other platforms.

Now for the laughing, hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :wink:

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
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(Timonides) #3

actually you will find them for download at:

(just erase the texture.html… :wink: )

If you scroll down the page, you’ll find precompilled versions for your platform…

Also notice, that there are also some sequence plugins, along with the texture one’s… You can create some excellent effects with them in your animations (if you know how to use the sequencer…)

At and you’ll find their descriptions and what each one of them can do…


(phlip) #4

Thanks, that’s exactly what i wanted