Plumiferos re-release on DVD (Birds of Paradise)

For those who don’t read Cartoon Brew: Manos Digitales’ “Plumiferos” has been redubbed into a direct-to-video movie called “Birds of Paradise” as per the latest trend of finding non-English CG movies and dubbing them for rerelease in English-speaking countries. So if you’re curious about seeing the very first feature length movie made in Blender, it’s now much easier to find than before and it’s in English.

For Australia, QuickFlix has a pay-to-stream version and both JB and EzyDVD have copies for sale. Not sure if the original Spanish soundtrack is included on the DVD. Will update when I get my copy. Not optimistic. :slight_smile:

It’s also on Amazon instant video for USAians but there’s no hardcopy to buy.

As for the movie itself… well… I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed Delgo and there’s the bonus of some familiar names in the credits. :slight_smile:

I thought they ultimately finished the movie in a commercial application due to the limitations Blender had at the time (showing that Blender 2.4x simply couldn’t do it when it came to feature film work).

Also, seems like they could’ve also worked on their timing since there’s already a wildly successful franchise based on South American birds (Rio).

“Plumiferos” was released a year before Rio (2011) - this interview indicates they were aiming for a 2007 release. This 2014 dub + rerelease on the other hand is a brazen Asylum-style cashgrab for Rio’s audience. :slight_smile:

They did their compositing outside of Blender but the 3D parts were all done within Blender. (See comments here.)