Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates!
We just released or game on the App Store and we thought we could share some of the artwork with you guys. For the game models we’ve used a combination of Maya and Blender, but all our renders are done in Blender with Cycles. Blender has been incredibly helpful in this project!


That looks great ! Fantastic job. I love the way the colours really pop !

Really nice renderers, i specially liked the water and the ship from the first one.

that looks great!

Wonderful work

A Rovio game. Great! Have you used Blender only for rendering or modeling too?

Great artwork! The water in the first picture look amazing! How were you able get such a cool shader?

Wonderfull style

Terrific job, and congrats on the game.

Steve S

Congrats! :slight_smile: I checked out some of your YouTube stuff too, well done, and best of luck! :slight_smile:

I love it.

crazy style, very lovely environment too, good work.

Very cool! I like the toy style of the characters.

Thanks guys!

Mainly for rendering, but we’ve done a few in-game models from scratch with Blender and the workflow and the results are very positive. The only drawback is that our game converter loads Y-up FBX files, but Blender is Z-up. This is a biggie with animation.

Glad you like it. I used to have a more complex shader based on this excellent tutorial, but at the end I settled for something more simple and stylised. Here you go:

very good job man, you have some trailer for this?
really inspiring!

Is this available on Android? Looks cool. (My kids may even want to play it :smiley: )

wow fantastic…

nice bro :o

This is really cool :slight_smile:

Amazing colors and shading, I like it a lot!