Plushie UV Grid Suzanne


Does this count as a finished Blender project? I think it does.

It’s Suzanne, as a stuffed animal with a UV Grid motif. Each of the rainbow crosses was hand-embroidered onto the grey checkered fabric.

The sewing pattern was designed in Blender - it’s effectively a UV layout.
With Blender’s cloth simulation I as able to simulated the outcome, which allowed me to iterate on the design inside Blender.

I used my Seams to Sewing pattern add-on to help with this part. Thread here: 🧵 Seams to Sewing Pattern (v 0.9, for 2.8 and 2.9)
Once I was happy with the layout and the result, I transferred it to fabric and sewed the result.

WIP (before turning it inside-out):

She now lives happily at the Blender Foundation offices in Amsterdam.


Wooow I love it! Would you mind sharing the story on BlenderNation? →

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Sure, I’ll write something up :slight_smile:

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Oh yea, I wrote a how-to on Blendernation:

Sew for yourself!


Hi, great idea for a plush toy - Suzanne deserves it! :smiley: Do you mind sharing a svg or png with templates for this version of Suzanne? I’d love to try make one myself but currently I’m unable to generate one in Blender by myself. :pleading_face:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Super result!
Thank you for share!

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Lighting is unrealistic, and I think you’ve gone too far with the particle hair fluff.

Just kidding, great work!

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WOW MAN! Gorgeous!

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Great… Well, this is 3D in 3D right?
btw. nice renders :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That looks gorgeous!

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I was thinking…That’s one of the most realistic renders I’ve ever seen. The little fibers…a hair system? Then I realized it was a photo. Nicely done, though.

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This made my day!
Loved the “vinyl” turnaround :wink:

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