Png sequence isn´t loading stable

Hello, I´m trying to load a png sequence with alpha to a texture but i´m having problems. It sometimes loads some frames but when i move the cursor the sequence goes away and it returns in strange ways.

I´m using procedural texture with UV maping coordinates.
I cheked all the settings in both uv and texture “image properties” boxes. (strt fra, offset, number of frames)

I obvserved that are the firsts frames that doesen´t load usually and the ones in the end are more often loaded.

When i start moving all the settings trying to solve the problem even the frames at the end start to blink.

The pngs are 1425 x 875 and i have i7 processor and NVIDIA geforce gtx 465, so i think it couldn´t be a problem of hardware.

Thanks a lot. Good bye.