PNG transparency stacked over material

Im trying to overlay these white markings as a PNG layer over the material i already have, but it gives it a white tint.

here are two examples, the left one has only the areas with texture using the PNG material and the rest has the base material, so you can clearly see the diference. the one on the left is completly using the PNG layer wich has the base material integrated into it on both.

im sure im just missing some node to tell the alpha channel to do nothing, but i dont know how to do such thing right now.

You can replace the Add shader with a Mix shader with the texture Alpha as the mix factor

already tried that, but it makes it white in non texture places as seen here:

Does your texture have an alpha channel ?
Ensure you have the two mix shader inputs in the correct order

Supply demo file including texture for further review

weird, it lost its white tint after blender crashed and i had to redo the setup of the PNG texture.

thanks for the help anyways, appreciate all the help you gave me since i joined here :slight_smile: