Pocket Paladin - collectible toy design

Collectible toy, fully made in Blender from start to finish. My dream is to have this guy made for real, if I find enough people who are interested in buying one! (let me know if you’re interested!)

The design is based on a sketch I made in 2018. I used b2.8 Eevee a lot in the process. Man does it make things faster! :sunglasses: All the final renders are from Cycles though, as I wanted it to look as real as possible.

:arrow_right:There’s videos and more images on my website:

I post 3d art and sketches on my instagram - @gorgoblus


Nice work! :+1:

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thank you!

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well exe"cute"d

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pretty nice work !!!

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Love both palettes, and the sketch :sparkles::heart::ok_hand:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Could always have him 3d printed. There are some full-color options like Shapeways Sandstone material.

which is good for a decorative item that won’t be handled much. Or print in less costly plastic and then paint, etc.

Awesome! Thank you!

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I was hoping to have it made in resin to get that nice designer toy quality

You’re #featured! :+1:

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Cooool thanks! :star_struck:

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Nice work! Love the style.

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NICE WORK can U recommand the settings for render pls

Thanks! Render settings depend a lot on your project. I’d recommend watching Blender guru’s videos in Youtube about Cycles and Eevee

awesome work

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can you please model me?:sweat_smile:

The materials and rendering are very well done… the subject and art-style truly nauseating. :performing_arts:

Hey, Gorgoblus, lovely work! Is the background a HDRI? (I’m a professional model maker, if you want it moulded and cast in resin i’d be able to help out! Check out Facebook.com/sirogerscreative)

Yes it’s an HDRI from hdrihaven.com. Sounds great! I’ll send you a private message with more details :grin: