Pocket Watch (in for repair)


This is my very first completed Blender project :o
I do apologise for not following up on the feedback that was kindly given in my WIP thread, but I’ve had a stinkin cold and didn’t feel like doing any work :expressionless:

Anyways, I can spot at least 50 things that need fixing with this image but it was a good learning experience and it’s time to call this one done and move on. There’s an awful lot to get to grips with if I’m ever going to produce images one quarter as good as most of the stuff I see here.

C&C welcome, doubt I’ll do anything more with this one though, must think of a new project. Suggestions?


That’s AWESOME! :smiley:

Fantastic job, highly detailed … this is a great demonstration of your modelling skills. Bravo!

A little remark though: metal texture need more improvement.

The modeling is incredible but I’ll say it right away is that the scene doesnt do justice to the model. The lighting is ok but the carpet textures makes it look bad because the specularity below right of the watch shows not height definition and bump. Add a bump map and if you have the courage maybe try some HDR lighting in Yafray and add some soft reflections to the metal. It would look much better in my opinion

Other than that, I’ll say it again. Incredible job on the modeling, for the first project in blender ( I suppose that this is not your first experience in modeling) and good luck for the coming ones !


Great work! Ive never seen the inside of a watch to know if it actually looks like that of corse, but im sre it looks something like that. :smiley: keep it up.

thats pretty cool

50 things? you must be very critical lol - I can only say that maybe some of the materials need a bit of tweaking but otherwise seems fine

Very good detail. I love it!