Pocket Watch

Hi All,

First render of my latest scene. Still lots of work to do with texturing / shaders. This was mainly an experiment with UV unwrapping as I have unwrapped zero objects before. After many failed attempts I managed to get the book unwrapped so the texture wraps around the edges properly.

Anyway please feel free to comment and thanks for viewing.



You can add sphere with environment because that table looks like rendered :wink:

That looks good, but is a little noisy and you can add a little dirtness in the golden material.

the book reminds me of cracked earth of some kind. does not look like a book. also why no title or anything like that on the book. perhaps its supposed to be a diary but it still could do with some text

Thanks for the comments.

Updated the book texture with something that’s very close to what I had originally planned. Although it’s not as complicated as some of the things I’ve seen here it’s a personal best for me and was a great learning experience.

Now I just need to change the gold metal texture to something a little more realistic, and do something with the wood as I’m not a fan of that either.

The book looks great now. I wouldnt make the gold too dirty. People tend to take good care of gold items :wink: Some minor scratches will do. Even when you polish metal, you will see tiny scratches.

Looks much better now