Pocketwatch / Stopwatch

Hello :slight_smile:
Made in Blender 3D, rendered in Cycles.

Two PBR Materials (“Cobalt pure”, “Glass”) from this package --> http://www.francescomilanese.com/ENG/component/content/article/10-tutorials/blender-3d/146-20-cycles-pbr-materials-blender-3d-2-77-volume-1-pdf-support.html ; lit with three area lamps and an HDR Environment Texture.

You can consider it a… “2:12” watch, or -by changing its texture with a 0-60 one- as a Stopwatch :slight_smile:

I like it. But to put one step further i would add some abrasions for more realism, you know
fingerprints, scratches, dents…

I agree with ArcHWIZ, some surface imperfections would really make this look great. Don’t get me wrong though it already looks good.

It’s looking good. Did you use PBRs? At BlenderGuru there is a great metal pbr shader and a few scratches, thumb prints and dirt would add to the realism. It’s crying out for a backdrop like say a wooden desk or cabinet. One last thing, something I’ve learnt from making visuals of watches, the hands usually look best at the 10:10 position. If you look in catelogs you’ll see watches in that position most of the time.

Hello guys,
thank you all for your suggestions! :smiley:

Btw, I’ve published a brief “breakdown” article about this image on my website: http://www.francescomilanese.com/ENG/component/content/article/10-tutorials/blender-3d/207-blender-3d-cycles-the-pocket-watch-rendering-breakdown.html

— Francesco