Pod Racer

Hey Guys

Just started creating a set of jets for a pod racer and just after some feedback.

The model on have 4 simple materials on it and with no textures.



Nice. Looks very clean.

Need to work on the back end of the pod

Is this a pod racer from Star wars 1? (That game for N64 was the best!) so far I’m digging the engine modelling! I’m not feeling the materials though. I would go for a much dirtier sort of material. Are you going to add a tail type of thing? Right now it looks like the thrusters will overpower the cockpit and the vehicle won’t be very stable.

This is what I came up with this morning. Im not to happy with it and have no idea how to fix it. I have played with the RGB Curves gut just cant seem to get it right.

I was originally going for the star wars look, but I didn’t like the ropes and having it associated with star war (I love Star Wars) so I put the pod in the middle. I agree with the paint job though and I think that it is something that I will have to work on. If you have an example of a cycle material, I am all ears as I am not too keen on unwrapping this puppy as texturing isn’t a strong point. Thxs for the feedback though