Podflyer (updated with 5th post)

A simple model I’m currently working on - it is like a warmup for another, probably bigger project. I’ve finished the main body and now need to add more details, we’ll see how much I can until I’m bored.
I’ve also tried to texture it but I totally suck at mapping stuff and texturing - I’d need some help and comments on how it looks now.


Thanks in advance!

Great model …looks more like a mine than a flyer :smiley:

I’m not so sure it needs mapping, it looks good the way it is.

Very great ! I don’t think too that UVmapping is necessary

Good job. Looks like a Feng Zhu sketch IIRC.

You’re right, I’ve got the idea when browsing through his site - you’ll find a similar (well, the basic idea is somehow similar) pod there.
Thanks for the positive comments yet, it’s a great motivation to go on.

All materials are procedural, btw.

Small update - modelled the cameras of the pod.