a little strange i know…

Very nice modelling. I think the rockets need to be further away from the chair, otherwise the occupant is going to get fried. I especially like the dragon head.

Great model. I agree that the engines are too close to the pod, and you also need to add the wires that connent the two.

Cool pod. Looks like it’s from World of Warcraft.

I love it…how did you create the flames, they are the best I’ve seen on this forum.

little update. I stop here for modeling ( but if you have idea it’s interesting :wink: )and i begin texturing…

Well i need some help for modelise (sorry i’m very bad in english) “the electricity” between the two reactors i try to do it with particle but it’s not good so if someone can help me… %|

For the electricity, you could try using some randomly extruded verts with a halo material that has a high add value. I’ve seen a similar method used to create lighting with fairly good results.


for the electricity, you cn use fractal subdivide between 2 points to add randomness. start with low values and then increase as the vertex density increases. Then create a material with a blend–>halo textue. Make the inside texture colour white and the outside the colour of the electricity.
Play around with settings and you should hopefully get what you are looking for.

As for the second preview render, relax with the lighting a bit. Its way to bright, causing detail loss in the image, as well as making it hard work to look at (it’s making my eyes hurt! :o ).


really nice,

idea is from star wars.

I would like to see resaults.

you might want to put the engines underneith the chair, not literaly like this:

but more like this:
---------- CHAIR
---------- //

that way the rider wont get fried