Point Cloud Visualizer

glad it works

no it’s not, but looks like eevee is not capable of such settings, good to know, personally i don’t use eevee for anything, so i missed that

no, only i don’t plan any new features in there. will try to keep it functional if blender api updates, new development is now in 1.x

Hey @carbon2, does the addon reconstruct meshes from point clouds as well? Or you need to do it externally and then import a mesh to create UV textures?

no, there are many options out there to do surface reconstruction (e.g. meshlab or any photogrammetry suite)… and faster than i ever will be in python, including export/import between softwares :slight_smile:
maybe some time in future for fun, maybe…

Yeah, I was just curious :slight_smile: I guess python will never be as fast as dedicated software.

I will most definitely be trying out this point color to UV transfer feature.

next thing that will be in 1.1 is generating points in mesh volume


and new simplification method


on regular cloud

and on generated from mesh volume

only things is, there is no way to write to new volume object with python yet (as far as i know). i read somewhere that it is going to be added


Version 1.1.0 is out on BlenderMarket

Transfer colors from points to mesh vertex colors or uv texture


Voxel-like simplification method


Generate points in mesh volume


and some small fixes as usual…


This addon doesn’t stop getting better and better! I have a feature request, which might be of interest to others as well: i usually have to deal with large datasets, meaning pointsclouds are usually provided in several (many) .ply files. Joining them in a single or sub-sets is an option of course, but has its downsides (i.e. i want full resolution on just a few specific tiles). So, similarly to what happens in other blender’s areas, it would be great to be able to Alt-Click on “Draw” and “Erase” (possibly also other display parameters) so to activate/deactivate all selected pointscloud. Don’t know if it’s possible, would speed up time for me as i need to activate all the clouds i need one by one currently, each time i re-open a working file.
Thanks again for this great addon!

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sounds like a good idea, what do you think about extra menu in viewport header for that? (i hope so, just have to refresh my knowledge of it for 2.8+)
draw/erase for all/selected and display options sync from active to selected? anything more would be useful?


I like. I could certainly have used such a thing in the past.

Sounds good to me, thanks!

something like this? :slight_smile:


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Hey that was fast! Looks good and usable to me. Guess sync shader properties works from active to selected?

yep, copies all settings from shader panel

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version 1.2.0 is available

  • viewport menu to batch control PCV instances
  • Height Colors, Depth Effects and Alpha shaders
  • load alpha, export alpha
  • render with manual depth sorting
  • fixed sequence animation render

viewport menu

new shaders

render depth sorting comparison

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Yeah! Nice placement.

What would it take to make cycles able to render the pointclouds?

can you elaborate on it a bit more? cycles need geometry-triangles to be able to render something. points have none. with PCV you can convert points into tiny cubes, spheres or some other mesh types, colors can be kept as vertex colors. then you can render it in cycles.

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Ah I see, but how will the performance do ? How well dors Blender handle a 500 million pointcloud conversion to icospheres?

Mosly lidar scans are huge , and it would be awesome if it actually was possible to scan an environment and then use it to render . But i wonder about the performance…


hm, simple, your 500m cloud to tetrahedrons, 500m x 4 triangles = mesh with 2000m tris, my computer would freeze for sure :slight_smile:
you could use conversion to particle system, then you will get emitter mesh with 500m tris and sphere that will be instanced at render time, colors will be baked to texture to be able to use with particles, i am not sure with this count how it will look like though.
also you can tell PCV to use random subset of points, like 10% or so to keep poly count low, for background it could be enough