Point Cloud Visualizer

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Is it possible to include a button to unlink objects from pointclouds?
(If I accidently link a pointcloud to the wrong object, is there a way to unlink it?)

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i’ll add reset button for it in next version, now you can only do it in python
have object selected and active and run this from text editor

import bpy
from space_view3d_point_cloud_visualizer.mechanist import PCVMechanist
o = bpy.context.active_object
del PCVMechanist.cache[o.name]
del o['point_cloud_visualizer']

Awesome, Thanks!

Hi there! i have some issues converting points of clouds. How can i solve this problem? it shows the problem “unknown location -1”

hi, i need more info, what blender version, what pcv version, what are you trying to do, when it breaks, start blender from console and post full error, etc. i can’t help you without it…