Pokemon Go is also bringing a second game to life; Lemmings

Notice the similarities between these Pokemon Go players

And the creatures in this classic game for MS DOS (who would also walk of cliffs if there was no one to give them umbrellas)

There’s already been reports of people walking into lakes and onto roads, and you thought people were already becoming oblivious when cellphones became common and the selfie became a thing. :spin:

As far as I can see the appeal of the game, it might actually be a good idea to just outright ban players if they ever put themselves in danger (for their own protection and the protection of others). It also might be sensible to hold Nintendo accountable in certain situations in a case that could be prevented by additional safety features (ie. not putting Pokemon on roads). I know those natural selection fans who despicably cheer the prospect of players getting killed might disagree with that (go check a gaming or tech. website for reference), but we’re talking potential safety issues that will impact everyone.

Is the world actually ready for this type of game, should the companies be responsible for player safety, is it possible that we just don’t have the technology yet for what needs to be in place first to simply make things fun and not deadly?

Oh great, another Pokemon Go complaining thread. Just what everyone needs and hasn’t seen a thousand times before. My life is officially fulfilled and I can die happy. Just because a minority of the population is too incompetent to manage basic self preservation skills does not mean that we should punish the majority. Where would we be if we listened to every irrational fear every time a new technology has been invented? When the first books were created, people believed that books would make society as a whole dumber as they reduced the need to memorize everything we were taught because we could just write it down instead. When movies were first shown, people believed that they didn’t require as much brain power as reading a book and “imagining” what everything looked like. When GPS was invented, people would also blindly follow their instructions to the letter despite the real world evidence that would suggest the contrary, similar to what is happening with Go. Yes, every new invention comes with flaws, but as time goes on, the flaws are heard, responded to, and fixed, and the voices of the dissenters die out as they begin to accept that change is a natural part of life, or move on to complain about the next big technology. And it isn’t like Go isn’t an absolute negative that only brings about misfortune. It encourages people to go outside and get fresh air and exercise.

I think it’s a joke.
Besides, Digimon Go is gonna be wayy more popular.