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Ok, so recently I’ve been thinking about creating a game. I have it all in my head, and then I read about the program blender. At first, I thought it would be fun to create new kinds of characters and make them into your own game, but now I realize how hard it is. I basically don’t know what anything is in blender, and it took me hours just to make an eyeball! Well, I never give up, but school is starting for me tomorrow so I won’t have as much time to keep practicing and trying to understand blender. I want to be a professional gamer, so in the time I have left after school, I won’t be using blender, I’ll be on Halo! Take it from me, I’m a gamer and I know what we gamers like to play, but I’m not so great at blender and python and such. That’s why I want to start up a development team. The game I want to create would be like World of Warcraft, but in Pokemon. So basically, if you’ve ever played the games on the gameboy, it’s not an MMORPG, but that’s what I want to make. I don’t want to be the manager that does nothing if people actually put in their time to make this game, and who knows, it could be one of the best pokemon games out there. I will put in the time, effort, and ideas for this game to be made and published so that blender developers could be put in great use. I know I’m not really one to say this, but I really want the top notch blenders, or anybody who would be willing to make this their job to create this game. My AOL instant messanger is : Raygeeeeeeeeeeee

This would be amazing for this to happen, so if you are interested and know how to use blender and other programs and you want to get it done, post here and I know we can do it!

This would be a good ideea…

But, I’m really sure your going to get flamed… :frowning:

not necessarily, but yeah, some asses do lurk around and about… :confused:

but yeah, its actually been quite a while since someone game here with ‘yet another lets make a team thread’. :slight_smile:

this idea has been bounced around alot lately, there’s a small games company who are currently making a proposal to nintendo for how they would do a pokemon mmo.

Myself and a friend had a pretty well fleshed out idea for how we would do it, but a quick google search will show you that a ton of other people already have games going that are actually playable.

Also bear in mind the licensing issue, the only way your pokemon game could ever make money is if you are picked up by nintendo. Otherwise you could probably get sued. With that in mind you’ll be expecting a full dedicated team to produce a huge game for free.

Your best bet is to make a prototype that can be pitched, but bear in mind that there is alot of competition for this game to be made. Your ideas will have to be not only original but innovative and something that will sell.

Pokemon MMO at your disposal:


I haven’t played it, but I must say it looks nice, very nice. Especially the website.
Too bad fan games can’t be posted here. >_>

At least it’s not on the WIP/Finished/Demo Games forum 0.o

You should first make the gameplay, write everything out. Have a plan that you will only make minor changes on because once you get into it, it’s going to get hard to change things. You should LEARN python before you start, you should imporve your blender skills to the highest level you can. It’s going to take some hard work but if you work hard enough, and show your progress on the networking, people will get interested and start helping you with python and models!

Good Luck on the project,

Yes they can :wink:
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Too bad fan games can’t be posted here. >_>
Actually, I have good news for you. You can indeed post fan games here.

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Very true.

Fangames are unoriginal and all that, and pokemon sucks >:( Plus I don’t think this is the right board.

Umm, I think I see a flaw in your plan…

alright well thanks for actually posting here guys, some of the things were actually nice, other than on forum.nystic or something like that. but yea, maybe in the next few months ill throw out a beta and everyone can test it, and maybe even people will get interested, so i guess you can say this thread is closed now, because i realize that once you’re new to the community people won’t really trust you unless you show what you can do, so ill get there one day, and thanks for some of the feedback.

oh and i wasnt really expecting to make this game my “own” game. I’ve played pokemon since red yellow and blue version and I’ve always thought of what it would be like if it were like runescape or something.

Partly, yes. But the bigger issue here is that everyone else has ideas as well, especially people on a site for artists :wink:

We all want to create the greatest game or animation, but only few succeed because they work hard and know very well that nothing really comes for free, so they work even harder to compensate for that.

I love the idea. Although I’m not too sure how many people would actually play the game. But something that i was thinking up, but I’m sure it’s been done, is a 3d version of the pokemon games. But I do like the idea

number one rule of game design : anything is possible when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I know, I know, it sounds like a smart arse flame… but actually it’s not, in fact it’s probably one of the best bits of advice I have ever heard anyone offer anyone else (including me) about making games.

It hard to explain why, but somewhere inside all of our heads is a little bit of crazy that thinks : "It doesn’t matter that it normally takes teams of 20 to 30 people who are all 3D virtuosos 1 to 2 years to make a decent game, I shall magically create something singlehandedly in a couple of weekends all through the power of enthusiasm.

Let’s do some math. Let’s say 20 virtuosos working for 1 year, that’s 50 weeks multiplied by 38 hrs a week. Wait, that’s stupid, game dudes easily crank up 80 hrs a week. Ok so 80hrs per week times 50 weeks, that’s 4000 hours. And that’s just one dude. So we got 20, so that’s 80,000 hrs all up for a team of 20 working 80 hrs a week each for a year.

Now let’s compare what a handful of newbies can do. To start with there’s 1 of you, let’s say you talk 2 other people into working with you. Now let’s say you crank up 8 hrs of work at night during the week, and a massive 12 hrs on the weekend. That’s 20 hrs a week for one of you, times by 3 to make 60 hours a week for your team of hypothetical 3.

Now let’s assume you’re all 3D virtuosos to match the talent of those guys in the first example. Your team can crank out 60hrs a weeks (this is generous) and because you have the same talent as the industry guys, all you have to do is crank up 80,000 hrs to get a similar result.


60 hrs a week is 3000 hrs a year (allowing two weeks for a break at christmas). That means that you will need 26(.6) years to complete your project, or more specifically make something on par with what you’re used to playing.

Don’t get me wrong kid, I’m not knocking you. I just wanted you to see an example of some of the math you should be thinking about when you make plans like this.

Blenderer got a good point there, and on top of that, game design isn´t just coming up with an idea, doing some sketches and fire away.
The fact that there are universities teaching game design speaks for itself.
Sure you can do it by trial and error to see what works and what does not, that is if you got time galore and nothing else to do.
There are so many little dead ends that can make the work of a week for nothing.

If you got all contributors a project takes forever, if you got a company set up you need to be pre-financed and got to have a project structure down to the end in advance.

I really encourage everyone who want´s to try game design, but first read some books on it or look over at garagegames or gamasutra forums. There´s lots of intresting articles and advice from people that already made the mistakes you are going to make :slight_smile:

And then start out with something small but fun. Sure a WoW style MMO in the Pokemon Universe would be awesome. But for a project like that a whole department is dedicated to database design another solely for the network code while others optimize pathfinding algorithms and whatnot.

I like to name steam here, look at all the indie games. 5 Bucks, projects worth a year of work, simple stuff, almost no show&shine but really good game ideas that are fun.
An indy backyard softwaresmith can´t bring up a larger project unless all people there are contributors and on top of that dedicate 110% of their free time for that.

On whatever you deceide to do, just have fun, and don´t stay down if you land on your knees :slight_smile:

Just so you know, there is nothing more insulting in the gaming industry than the concept of the “idea guy,” which is an imaginary concept believed in by people who will, at best, end up testers, giving feedback on bugs within other peoples’ “ideas.”

Coders and game artists did, in fact, get into the game industry in most situations because A. they had the necessary skill set and B. had enough ideas and creativity, the thought of not implementing them made them angry.

I assure you there is no room in the world that is filled with talented coders, artists, etc, just sitting around in a suffocating lack of ideas, just hoping that a Halo fanatic (cuz you know those are rare gems…) comes along and rescues them. At best, even if their ideas suck their egos don’t and they’ll just work on one of their bad ideas.

And at worst, even if they DID want some golden child to come save them, “Let’s make a game using an already successful property we don’t have the rights to” is not going to blow them away with your creativity and idea skills.

Stop playing Halo, go play with Blender more. And yeah, I shouldn’t flame, but it felt relieving to write…

While your idea is good, it isn’t all that original. People have been asking for a Pokemon MMO for a very long time. I would also like to point out that Nintendo only has 1/3 of the copyright on Pokemon; it is shared with GameFreak and Creatures, Inc. Even if you could convince Nintendo that your game is great, you still need to convince the other two companies. I don’t see GameFreak going along with it because Pokemon is really their franchise. The manga, anime, cards, and games are all interlinked, and some random story for an MMO would likely break the continuum.

Also, it is important to note that when creating the Pokemon game, it will have to run on Nintendo hardware. This will be very hard for you to do. While it is possible to do homebrew on both the DS and the Wii, these methods are not supported by Nintendo. In order to insure “quality” and keep their developer systems out of hackers’ hands, Nintendo is very picky about who gets their devkits.

My advice would be to do something original. Also, you may want to work on your skills as an artist or programmer before you try to get people to work on your team. Everybody has ideas. It takes a bit more work to get people to listen.

Although in the realm of if-wishes-were-fishes…and certainly we all play this game…I would kill for a Star Wars: Battlefront that tackled the post-movies book canon of Star Wars.

Imagine playing as the armies for the New Republic, Chiss Empire, Imperial Remnant, Black Sun, Yuuzhan Vong, Dark Jedi Academy, the Hutt syndicate…man, that would blow my freakin’ mind.