Pole target problems.

Hello everyone.

I’ve been doing a really basic character and today i started rigging it, using this tutorial, but after choosing the pole target (which is the elbow bone), the arm doesn’t behave like in the tutorial, it stays straight, if i take off the pole target everything works fine.

This thread had the same problems, and the problem is, the armature is 100% straight so it doesn’t behave like it should behave.

So how can i fix this? (without having to rotate it slightly so it works like in the video/other thread)

Thanks in advance!

IK armatures shouldn’t be 100% straight. They work best if they have a slight bend. You may need to change the pole angle value to get the chain to point correctly. Usually the correct value is some 90 degree increment, but it’s impossible to tell what without seeing your rig. The pole target should also be in line with the joint, or it will drag the chain out of alignment by default.

I followed your advise and changed the angle a little bit and got the same results from the tutorial, thank you.