Pick one

C. none of the above

what else is there besides those two

You’re joking, right? Please say yes.

Well you see i don’t know alot about computers Macs are made by apple and IBMs are to me like everything else i mean wearn’t IBM and Mac the first people to make computers. Someone told me that anything like a dell or compaq or gateway was called and IBM if thats not what you call it that what is it.

its a poll not a pole

ibm, are you from the early 90’s? ibms are expensive now.
ibm made the apple processors until a few months ago, so in a sense they’re the same thing.
if its cg, and sole cg, buy a mac. if you intend to do other, more windows oriented stuff go for a custom built pc.

build it yourself would be my option, so option d.

Jeeves, I think click here is talking about hardware and not OS.
But even then there are still other options.
Like the 64bit systems, Sun,…

If you were talking OS click here you might mention Linux, Solaris ao.

No i was talking about the computer system itself. What do you call a PC thats not a mac is there a name???


I am so confused!!!

We call it “real hardware” whereas Macs are refered to as polished crap… Many people use those old eMacs? as goldfish bowls now…

Joke people… joke…

Macs & PCs are the general terms people use…

thank you everyone

Many people use those old eMacs? as goldfish bowls now…

Joke people… joke…

Actually it is not a joke, when I was visiting my bro at MIT someone a couple of rooms down, converted a mac into a fully functioning Gold fish bowl complete with live fish inside of it


Stop hatin Macs :< Macs rule :smiley: I don’t care what all you people say, macs are the best!

edit sorry, im just kinda pissed about that now… spent the last half hour arguing with my ignorant friends who were saying my mac was to blame for my crappy connection. So I’m kinda touchy about that :slight_smile:

Sorry, i wasnt refering to that part, but rather the polished crap.

I know/knew a person who has a website who… sells them…