My little project is finally finished (I hope :D)
I’ll gladly hear your opinions.
All made in blender with a bit of gimp for post processing.

It’s awesome. I love it. And I dont say that very often :smiley:

The wires are great. They look completely natural to me.
It just feels a little bit noisy to me, are you going to render it some more? :smiley: If so, I would love to see the finished picture.
But wow, great work

Stunning! I love the atmosphere it gives and the depth

This is the first and hopefully last time I will say the phrase ‘Nice pole, dude.’

Seriously though that is an awesome pole. Great detail on the textures. I like the washed-out colours. Great style.

Very well done!

this is something else! absolutely beautiful work and whilst I tend to prefer more vibrant colourful pieces, this is done so well and the muted tones are just gorgeous and fuse all together, well practically perfect imo

Nice render, i like it too! :slight_smile:

Superb atmosphere in this piece. Great composition.

Cool shot!:slight_smile: