Police car blueprints

I’d like to model an American police car, but I can’t find any good reference pictures. Those 360 degree views on the official sites are way too small, and I can’t find any blueprints either. So instead of the “official” brands (Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala), look-a-likes are my next choice. Do you think an Audi A8 looks like a police car?

I wouldn’t like to have a police car, that actually isn’t a police car :slight_smile: Other look-a-like suggestions are very welcome too!

take a look here


It doesn’t heart to try their site %| http://www.chevrolet.com/impala/specs.htm#top
btw go to the gallery to see the wheels and seat fabrics…

PS:…one question: why not do a local car?

Thanks, but I’ve already looked at both sites. I’ve never modelled a car before, but aren’t the 360 degree views on the official sites too small for detailing small gaps and such?
The scene I’m planning to put it in should be located in the US :wink:

hhhmmm well why dont u model a car and put some sirens on it lol or fbi style all black and have a light inside :P.

Try here:


I couldn’t find any Crown Vics on there, but you might find something you like in the blueprints section. I used to have another link to a blueprints page, but I can’t seem to find it now. Maybe it’s on my home computer. I’ll check at lunch and let you know if I can find it.

I found an older model Crown Vic here:"crown+victoria"+blueprints&hl=en

Google’s cache! Ofcourse! slams head Thanks very much! :slight_smile: I should have searched better.