police station

i have been working on another building for my short. crits would de nice.
i have to add caps to the end of the building. i am posting wire and solid renders.


nice detailed model you have there. i don’t have any crits at the moment, just nice comments :]

This is more of a suggestion then a crit. With that many windows, unless you plan to have them mirror tinted or have the obstructed by blindes or something, make sure you build floors inside as well as walls just to block the ability to see from one side to the other, like a backdrop only inside the building. Other then that it’s a great start.

this building is going to be fully funished because we are also going to use it as a set but you did mention something i would have forgot about the blindes thanks man i apreciate it.

i am now trying to model some woughbt iron, this is a bit harder than i thought it would be i have way to manny verts in the process any tips guys?

ok here is an update i still have to finish off.
the front
wroght iron balcany
put in the steps
lower foundation
interior walls
the police sign
the end caps for the exterier molding (posably lion heads)
and furnish the darn thing.
pretty daughting list of things to do, but pleas crit i do need them lol.


another update


if you want to save verts, you could do like the guy working on the staircase for the videogame (sorry don’t remember name) and just use a texture that has an alpha mask, but if you want full geometry your going to have to model it out. Everything new looks good so far.

well i am trying to save verts but all in all i want to make this one look good and it it is for an animation so i am realy puting some time in to this. and here is another update to the building itself. i am still makeing some changes to it as you can see not everything is going to be the way it is now i am just playing around with a few ideas to see how nice i can make it any ideas crits or thoughts are wellcome.


can i get some crits pleas lol i am at a stand still.

well i know i have not been on for a few days, but i do have a minor update to the police station. i decided to extend out part of the building just to keep it from looking generic, i have also added a second floor to the extended part of the building. i had to think about this one for a few days so that is why there have been no updates i have mannaged to keep the vertici count down somewhat with this building. i am also planning a tutorial on how to build buildings but befor i do i would like to refine my skill a bit more, already i have learned what to do and what not to do when modeling a building but i feel i need to extend my knowlage of this a bit further. i am looking forward to some crits and any input would be helpfull.


ok guys heres wer i could use some help. i was looking at the walls i have up here and was trying to figure out what i could do to make this a bit better, i am comeing close to finishing up the outside and will be movein to the inside and it ocured to me that i actuly dont think this looks as real as i want it to. bellow are 2 pictures of the same wall done two differant ways image one is the one i have now and image 2 is the one i just alterd, i would liek your guys input on what one looks better and what one i should go with.


i am beginning to think none wants to coment on anything i model i get a couple of nice posts from a couple of people. whats the deal? i am not trying to be a butthead about this but i am trying to be a contributing member here in the comunity. well heres another update i was playing with the idea of a bit more detail. i would say tell me what you think but i dont see that happening.


Well, the updates are not much different from the original, at first glance.

Don’t be discouraged. I have what I feel are good Blender projects that take an incredible amount of time, yet it seems as though few people comment or realize the effort.

Instead of that Default Blue background, try a pure white color.

I always believe in using references, even with projects that are totally created from scratch, it helps in the realism. My only crit so far is the window arch. I think it should be rounded.

If you plan on UVmapping textures for the project, it is a good idea to do one small section of the building and texture it. Then, when you dupliacte it, the UV map duplicates with it (like the sponza competition mesh).

So far though, your building is shaping up good. I like the details that you have recently added.

spin you are absolutly right i agree with you. its not that i am not getting any replys its when i ask a question on design and none posts their thoughts about it that bothers me.

windows yes i was looking at them also and did not relize how angler they were, i will change those soon as far as uv maping goes i have someone on my team that will be taking care of that so i am building the model as a whole so they know what it looks like when it comes time to uv map it.

every time i use a background image i get confused about were i am placeing the mesh, it seems to work better for me to not use one and let my imagination go, that and i feel like i am traceing something. and i have not drawn a picture in so long for me to pick up a pencle every thing i draw looks like something my nephew of 5 years got his hands on some markers and a wall.

dont get me wrong i am thankfull for those of you who have posted a reply and the crits i like them because you guys cath something i dont and that is verry helpfull after working on a project and you dont see it the way others do.

Honestly, while it is a good image, and is just starting. There just isn’t enough for us to crit really. Though I do think the front door’s hangover should be slightly higher up. Maybe put it to about the middle of the second story window.

good idea thats the stuff i am talking about lol befor i move on to something els lol thanks man.

I didn’t intend on using a background either. I myself like to have a few pictures laying around just for visual enlightenment. I rarely trace an object unless I have to.

There is a whole lot of gray between having a reference background image to model all your lines by and working totally from imagination. Namely, having a good reference image allows you to focus your work on specific details. For example, if you were to find a nice set of images of a particular building you like, you can use those images as a loose guide to help you decide where to put fancy details and how. It would also give you ideas of what your windows, doors, colums, stairs, etc. should look like. They may even provide textures for the final model.

I like it so far, but I don’t really have much to offer so soon. I think you’ll get more suggestions when you start detailing it more.

One thing I’d suggest right now is to include windows in the foundation for crummy old file rooms and holding cells. Maybe even a walk-down to a basement door…like the bar from Cheers. :slight_smile: