Poliigon is seeking a fulltime Blender + Cinema 4D addon developer

Hi, this is Patrick! I’m the Product Manager for Software at Poliigon and am looking to hire another engineer for my team.

The Software Team is responsible for delivering high quality, user-facing tools. This includes both cross-platform desktop applications as well as native plugins for major 3D software. These tools make it easier to use Poliigon assets, as well as solve common challenges that 3D artists face.

You can find the job listing here - while it focusses on Cinema 4D experience, we will also consider someone who has strong scripting experience in Blender, and working on blender addons will be part of the role. This is a full time remote position.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information, and if you apply to the website we can always start with an informal chat before jumping into any interviews:

A bit more about myself, since we would work closely together: I have a long history of contributing to and building addons for Blender. That includes (to name a few) Pro Lighting Studio for Blenderguru, MCprep, and the Blender Addon Updater (which itself has been integrated into many plugins like Retopoflow). Separate to my work at Poliigon, I am generally known online as TheDuckCow and am a fan of 3D animation in Blender as well as stopmotion - I even built some blender stopmotion tools! An Ex-FAANG engineer myself, I enjoy teaching and giving back to the community. Some of the most fun I had was years ago volunteering as a technical artist for the Blender Booth at SIGGRAPH.


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