Polish partisan

Hi, this is my new project, all made in blender cycles.
I hope u like it.

here some screen and shots:

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Top-notch! Can you please share tech details - polygon count, render times? Cheers from Ukraine!

Ok so:
faces - 1 435 622
render time - 3,5h
400samples for 2880 x 3840px resolution
I made another one render with volume scatter and mixed it in ps using soft light etc.
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Awesome job!
Would love to see a wireframe view :slight_smile:

looks like quite a lot of work! nice job!

Lovely renders, the texturing and modeling are top notch as well.

Calzaath- yep, I think 2 months, after work, in free time
tomimt- thank you ;D

before i rigged my character i decided to decimate a model. Here you can see:
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Gorgeous and wonderful and very nice work
Work very well but there is nothing just does not seem a realistic clothes you should choose good texture and small modification on the material

nice1 i like it. Maybe too much fog and sun for me.

Very good, but I’d like to see the character fleshed out a little.

thank u very much, ill show you my character in better light.

small update
http://s11.postimg.org/40npppbur/pergola_1bpodpisaa.jpgimage upload no registration

Work of art like this one inspires me to learn something new in blender…

thank u man, its nice to hear it :wink: