Polished resin/concrete floor (Cycles)

I am looking for ways to achieve a floor material like this one: https://imgur.com/Pu9ogWI
I am fairy new to material experimenting. So far I have only used BlenderKit.

I am open to suggestions

this looks pretty simple, just grab a photo texture and use it to build your material? i’m sure you can do it procedurally, but will be way more of a pain and take forever vs using a photo

It’s very hard to judge any of the characteristics of the resin. But generally I’d use a concrete with lowered specularity with a coating on top using separate bump effects. Depending on the resin thickness, you can choose to darken, increase contrast and saturation on the concrete material with a simple mix shader mixed with nothing, and/or as a function of viewing angle where it becomes darker at glancing angles.

The resin shader is basically a glossy mixed on top of the concrete, possibly using a higher IOR, with some (other, not concrete) bump applied to it. Whenever I use resin, it’s to add darkening and contrast and saturation to the substrate with a high gloss coat. I mostly use it for wooden floors and such though.

Something like that maybe?

If using principled (which may be better suited for Eevee), do the desired modifications to the albedo (may not be required for some thin resins) and drop the specular (say to around 0.1), and use it’s topcoat to act as resin with a separate bumpmap into the topcoat normal.

Edit: Attached is probably how I’d approach resin a coat for using Principled and topcoat.