POLL Do you want RTX? Cross-website-post

Hello, I heard from 1 of the people that do HW reviews that AMD was considering
implementing their very own RTX and looking at what people think of Ray Tracing eXtensions.
I created a poll on LQ (More details are there and in the comments):
and in 23 hours I got 5 votes :frowning: !
I am posting to this forum and several other places in hopes of
getting a better turnout.
Please comment on the actual LQ poll page not this forum post. There are lots of details there and the subsequent replies.

Thanks for you vote.

Can you afford an RTX Card? Is it worth the price?

I would love a RTX 2080Ti. It has so many good things going for it. However. Even if I had the money I could never buy it unless it was for making money of it.

Just for games? Then someone is single and has a good job. Money wasted.

Asking people to register on another forum just to vote might not be a great strategy for getting results. I recommend you edit your post and add a poll here.

I did not see an add a poll button :frowning:.
Feel free to advise if I missed something.
You can always reply here if you don’t feel like joining LQ of course.

In the reply window, click on the COG, at the bottom you get an option to create a poll !

HERE IS THE OFFICIAL POLL (Sorry, I needed to get attention since I failed to figure out how to do a poll in the original post).
Hey, I heard from 1 of the people that do HW reviews that AMD was considering implementing their very own Ray Tracing eXtensions and looking at what people think of RTX.
I got 5 votes in 23 hours at LQ :frowning: so I’m trying to reach a larger audience by posting here. Please vote only on 1 site.
If the RTX GPU has Linux support and some games to play would you purchase a GPU with RTX or RTX like HW?
Bear in mind that AFAIK current Nvidia GPU’s do RTX by partially ray tracing the scene (shadows only), at a low resolution. Then use an AI to fill in the missing shadow pixels and finally use the AI (through DLSS), to blow the image way up to 1080p at an astounding ~30fps (in Shadow if the Tomb Raider) :blush:!!! Other (FLOSS) implementations appear to have better performance! http://brechpunkt.de/q2vkpt/
My intention is to give AMD some idea of what you guys think.
Some people who have replied thus far think RTX is marketing jargon and/or that this poll is intended to force a technology upon companies.
RTX is not jargon, it is a large portion of current Nvidia GPU’s die space. You pay for it.
As for forcing, that was never my intention. With AMD about ~1 month ago getting freesync support merged into their driver (leaving the only major thing left being Radeon Chill AFAIK), now is a time when we are considered relevant, at least by one company and have the chance to be included in the conversation!

I’m assuming that if you don’t know what RTX is that you want to do your own independent research, but for the lazy here are 2 excellent talks on the matter:

Feel free to comment also!

Note to voters: Most of the answers that are “no…” become “yes…” if/when Nvidia and AMD do fix the stated problem. And I have listed the common ones.

  • Yes, if it’s in a different product so that I can buy it separately.
  • Yes, if it’s in the same product so that I must buy it if I purchase a GPU.
  • No, the cost would have to be 2x less.
  • No, the cost would have to be 5x less.
  • No, It’s just a hype.
  • No, the performance is too low. It must be 10x faster to be worth it.
  • No, the performance is too low. It must be 100x faster to be worth it.
  • No, I don’t play games (Lier :slight_smile: ).
  • I’ll wait till all the bugs are worked out, then I’ll buy.

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I voted yes, mostly because I already purchased a RTX 2070. Don’t care about games, only render speed which the 2070 was a very big step up from my GTX 980. I current.ly have both GPUs installed in my computer, the 980 for the displays, the 2070 not connected and just used for rendering.

As my main renderer is Octane I’m looking forward to RTX support. They are already getting a 3X to 10X speedup with the RT cores turned on. You can see the details here:

I haven’t had any issues so far with the 2070, Octane and Cycles render fast on it, and my OS is Linux Mint.

Good to here! I thought that blender would benefit from RTX.

The poll should end tonight (in about 6 and 1/2 hours).
If you did not vote yet you still have a chance.