POLL: Let click & Right click v2

Poll results from 2 years ago.

It has been 2 years since i ran a poll for Left vs Right click select, i am very curious to see if the polls have changed now that 2.8 has been out for a while!

  • Left Click to Select
  • Right Click to Select

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It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of this poll.

I’ve always been a left-click guy, ever since I switched from 3ds Max to Blender, but I had gotten used to right-click selecting before the left-click selection was standardized in 2.8.

Now that you have the option, did you go back to Left, or did you stick with Right?

Blender was the first program i started using, so i adopted the Right click right away, and oddly i never had trouble switching between programs that used Left, and blender who used Right. I now use Left click for other things, so i’ll still swear by Right Click Select even when given the option :slight_smile:


Interesting. I returned to left-clicking once it was standardized in 2.8. It’s still easier for my muscle memory, especially when switching to other apps.


I choose the left click because it’s more instinctive. But I admit that it is slower, the right click was faster with no latency selection

I started using blender with the 2.49 version, and it’s kinda hard for me to build muscle memory with the new left click option all over again, so I’m still using the 2.7x keymap to this day.

Right click select all the way!
…make a poll on who uses 2.8 and up and who is still 2.79 and below :sunglasses:


I like to think that right click select was a bug that just got fixed… :wink:


I know the OP doesn’t really want a debate on the matter, but I feel like it’s going to happen regardless, so I’m going to weigh in on this with my thoughts.

While there are tangible reasons to use right click, left click should be the norm because anything other than that is alien, and if Blender wants to reach more people and be less alien, then going with the standard behavior of 50 trillion other apps is the right choice, despite any of it’s shortcomings.

In contrast - Zbrush may be an alien piece of software, but it secured its place in the industry a long time ago by being incredibly useful for what it does… during a time when there were not many pieces of software that could do what it does. So the industry forgives its alien interface due it being very good at what it does compared to everything else and also for a long time, being the only decent claystyle modeling app that could work with incredibly complex objects.

Blender doesn’t really have that position of power. Blender’s power position is being free. That’s not a sufficient reason to be completely alien to use, as evidenced by its push to offer industry standard presets starting since version 2.8, which is the version that Blender really started giving industry professionals a solid reason to begin using it.

It’s like the age old QWERTY debate. Is QWERTY the most efficient layout for typing? Absolutely not. Will forcing people to change away from it have any positive outcome? Absolutely not. People resist change, and QWERTY is simply good enough. The same way right left click is less efficient compared to right click, but people resist change and left click is good enough.

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I switched from left to right when I switched from 279 to 280.

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right click usr is here :sunglasses:

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right click for life.

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No doubt. There were some videos circulating on youtube after 2.80 launched about how Left click is actually slower than right click, so it is unsurprising if there are some users who switched for that reason… not saying that you were one of those users.

I tried to switch to left-click and it just feels wrong after so many years using right click, regardless of efficiency, I only wish devs never stop supporting right click keymap as an alternative because I will not be switching to left any time soon.


I think it’s pretty clear that Blender intends to keep right click around for a long time. :slight_smile:

Other way around i assume? :thinking:

Blender is not the only software I have to run and I don’t even use it every day.
There are a lot of programs I have to use and I am happy for every standard their UIs offer.
Because it make my life easier and speed up my workflow.

Left click select is the most basic standard for every program,
from Notepad over to Photoshop and to the most unknown and weird software one could imagine.
So right click select doesn’t make any sense to me.
More so as the first mice, back in the days doesn’t even had anything to right click on. :wink:

Off course, if one use Blender almost exclusively on his computer, he might feel different about this.

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I read earlier that people found that Rightclick is actually quicker, and for some particular users i think that may be the case. The way i use blender, and the reason i love blender so much, is that the only thing slowing me down is the speed of which i can click stuff, cause its so shortcut focused. And everything that was missing, i could bind to something myself.

And i find that the mouse clicking that i do, go very much “Left right left right”, lets say Select and edge (Left), Bevel drag and confirm (Right), Make new selection (Left), Extrude and confirm (Right).

And this frequent Left Right motion i find to be alot more rhythmic than putting all of it on one button.

That said, i am a very rapid user, i dont reckon this would make any difference for a new, or a slower user.
Im curious if there are anyone else out there who consider themselves fast clickers who can relate to this.

I agree.
The important question is not really using one side of the mouse instead of the other.
The speed comes to use a mouse button to do something more recurrent than displaying contextual menu.

That’s reassuring to know that right click will display most common operations that are not exposed outside of menus when you are not familiar to software or use it only episodically.
But when you are using the software everyday and begin to customize the software to improve your speed ; that does not really make sense to keep contextual menu on right click.
I hope that GSOC on custom menus will be quickly merged.
Nobody agrees on what should be in contextual menu and probably nobody is totally satisfied by current one.

Oh no please not the context menu… I have so many strong opinions on context sensitive stuff, like the current W key which require Vertex mode for Merge Doubles, Edge mode for mark seam, and Face mode for shading. Three things that i use very frequently.