Poll: Most Liked Tutorial Maker

Hi everyone! Here is my first poll! Hope you enjoy… Sorry there ain’t more people on the list.

I don’t know all the options, but maybe my top 1 is CG Geek.
At the very bottom of my list surely blenderguru and CG cookie blender.http://i.stack.imgur.com/yMMyh.png

Andrew Price and his associates are great.

But to be honest I like him more for his podcasts and articles.

So I have to go with CG cookie since cynicatpro and bandyte aren’t there

But honestly the best tutorials I’ve ever watched are in the game art community.

I like them all becuase all of them are responsible to attract Blender to wide audience.
Any of them has some signature trick involved. Whether that be lighting, modeling or shading.

So what’s the point then if you’re not including well known sites and including others I’ve never even heard of.

It would also have been useful if you’d actually included a link to the sites !

Here is my first poll!
Maybe next time you’ll put more thought into it. This is a typical problem with 90% of all polls

Nobody within Blender has teached me as much as Bartek Skorupa. Not many tutorials, but boy do they convey the stuff. Also others I watch that are not on the list. But, who you like and watch the most greatly comes down to you level. Complete beginners might only get intimidated by Skorupa stuff, and may get a lot out of others. And although I consider myself pretty good with materials and nodes, I still find modelling for noobs good (because I suck at it, and find it reaaally painful to learn).

Also, you shouldn’t focus completely on Blender specific tutorials. By watching tutorials for other renderers you can still pick up valid points usable here. Hell, even hand painting tutorials can give pointers if you never even held a brush. Concepts and ideas are probably just as important as blender specific how to’s. Don’t ignore them.

exactly this.

I miss your comment on the The Rock Essentials pack.

What comment?

It’s rare to see me comment commercial products here and way more rare to see me comment advertising of commercial products.

No Gleb? Garbage poll

I’m curious now too. Probably something he regrets and deleted?

Anyway, the list is a bit limited. Maybe OP can add new ones people suggest? I don’t think polls can be edited after being made but maybe just put them into the original post to inform others.

Andrew Price hands down

Agreed. Gleb definitely deserves to be on the list.

You mean by hacking cgc’s server?
Why you peps, when you’re interested into something, don’t just ask instead of going sci-fi?

Gleb Alexandrov should be on the list. Basically, I respect every Blender’s CG artist. These guys also have really good tutorials https://www.youtube.com/user/masterxeon1001 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXxtsisIDLiiL6YZFrORkUg

I watched some nice tutorial from an indian guy but can’t remember his YT channel.

Jonathan Williamson helped me the most. Andrew Price too, but Jonathan was very prolific right at the time I was first learning Blender. He’d have multiple videos in a week sometimes.

It’s threads like this which would really benefit from a wiki page that contains a list of all the “tutorial makers”

Since the wiki page isn’t going to happen anytime soon…

Let’s make a mega thread!
That okay with you, mods?

I don’t see why the mods should have a problem with it, I would suggest that someone keep an eye out and put in the needed NSFW tag on the tutorials that going into any form of nudity. There are those who are learning blender for job requirements and let’s not burn those people if we can help it.

For a real vote gleb needs to be on the list. Lots of respect to him because of having that knowledge at this age and in blender. That blows some older gurus away.
[edit] with guru i don`t mean andrew price… it is just a nice word :wink: