Poly count question

I’m not sure that this is in the right section. I am building a simple android/Ios game using unity and I was wonder what would be a reasonable poly count for the models that I build in Blender. I plan on essentially only have one model on screen at a time.

Also, does anyone have any links to good resources for low poly model tutorials?


That depends on a lot of factors. Main ones include:

  • Your low end target device
    • an “iPhone 3G” is going to perform differently than an iPad3 or an iPhone 4s
  • The resolution and types of textures you will be using.
    • are you doing all textures or are you using normal maps? What resolution? 256x256 textures vs 1024x1024 makes a difference.
  • The number and types of lights
  • Are you using bone animations?

I suspect that with 1 model on screen, a background drawn you can probably spend 3000-5000 polygons and still easily get 30-50 FPS on an iPhone 4s. That is just an educated guess however. Your only recourse is to make a sample model and benchmark it yourself to see what is expensive to render and what is not.

I’m going for a cartoonish look, so 3K triangles and 256x256 texture should be more than adequate. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t getting to crazy with the model.