Poly ID + Smoke


I’m new in blender and coming from 3ds Max, I have a question.

Modeled a rocket and I want to animate the smoke coming out from the rocket exhaust while the rocket is going up.

In Max you can assign poly ID (exhaust) and from there you can send the smoke out.
Now the question is, is this possible with blender and smoke simulation?

I need the smoke to follow the rocket.

Here is the example…

Thank you in advance.

**PS am already researching this in blender but can’t find it. So i hope some of you could advise. :slight_smile:

I assume there is no possibility of setting IDs to poligon face of an object and attaching smoke to come from it?

One thing that could be done would be to use a separate smoke emitter and parent it to the rocket’s exhausts.

There are some video tutorials about smoke and rockets:

@LaTruth, You can create a vertex group and assign it as the density under the smoke flow advanced settings:

Vertex groups explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccmVq_fTPw8

Guys I love you all!


I will play with this now and thank you so much.