PolyData and Material Id number indexing

I have something I have been working on for a while to be a in game assembled re-programmable 3d circuit system for passing “info packets”.

I need help isolating what I am doing wrong, Marco was kind enough to write a script for me that is almost exactly what I need, however in testing/implementing what he has done, I can not get some of the faces/pairs to work

I have the 3 he set up, Sensor_01, Sensor_02, Sensor_03 and they work, however my 3 do not…
it may be something simple and silly…

EDIT:I noticed my pairings are odd, but the same face seems to work for 1 copy but not another…
I tried deleting the pairings and using only 2 faces, [[1,2], [2,1]] but there is still the issue…


CubeWorking (1) (1).blend (501 KB)

I made this to test what is going on…

I am not sure why, but If I only set up the list for

[ [1, 2], [2,1]]

it does not work

Object A, Casts ray---------> Object B
Ray “I hit face X”
Object A, changes “hostID” on Object B to X
Cube B casts Ray from face X’s pair,

it get the material which is labeled “sensor_(X)”
than uses the materials to set up a polydata set
I need to get the Material_ID’s because I am not sure they are in order,
can some one take a look?

and so on and so forth,


CubeWorkingFace.blend (488 KB)

Ok so I have it working, but only the original 3 faces that raco programmed… I am not sure if it is a code issue, ora model issue, or if my index of materials is off,

I tried looking up polydata, and I can’t seem to find anything,
(not that is not out there I just don’t know where to start)

Anyone have Exp with polydata?



CubeWorking (1) (1) (2).blend (501 KB)

Not one person? monster?
some one?
I am stuck…

Do I have to look in the gamekit itself? I don’t understand,



I really advice to improve your posting/writing style. Your posts are nearly unreadable and you necessarily flood the forum with them.
If you want help, then present your problems in a way that others can at least understand what your problem is. Avoid any mumbling.

Avoid future postings that don’t add anything… hmmm I wounder who this applies to?

I figured it out for myself so… thanks for all your help…