Polygon Hair rigging and animation help

Can someone please tell me how to rig polygon hair strips and then apply animation (physics) to them? the only video tutorial I could find, I didn’t understand.

Thank you

So… you want someone here to write a better tutorial than one you’ve tried to follow… but without letting us see what’s in the tutorial? The thing is, tutorials out there are usually have a bit of thought put into them (otherwise the author gives up and doesn’t upload) so your expectation of more clarity and starting “from scratch” for you is likely to end up with similar results. Can you please either link to the tutorial and say where abouts you got stuck (even if it’s “from about 30 seconds onwards once he mentioned ‘hooks’”) and/or perhaps even upload a simple (non-heavy) example rig that you are trying to set up?

I’m not trying to be rude; your question sounds like a good one (and an interesting challenge for anyone wanting to help) though more information up front would be helpful.

Ah, sorry about that. Here’s a link to the tutorial.

The part of the tutorial that I don’t understand is the purpose of the cube and the rectangular cubes on each lock of hair. are they supposed to be assigned to another layer? and why are they necessary?