Polygon Hair Uv Problem

Okay, I am a creator for “Sims 2” so I use milkshape to import my meshes into the game. I use a polygon hair modeling tutorial on vimeo and when I uv map the hair then import it into milkshape the texture seems to repeat itself in the direction of the hair which is very confusing. I uv unwrap the hair before I start moving it into the shape I want it and I also tried to turn off sub divide uv’s on subsurf modifier. Also I have one more question and that is how can I subsurf the planes with out them being round, I would really hate to go back to 3ds max for meshing because the navigation sucks in that program.

Usually when I do polygon hair I duplicate a plane after UV unwrapping said original one. That way all I have to do is position new strands with uv unwrapping already taken care of. Then you would go and map your hair image for that single plane which would also take care of the head of hair too.

Now for pointy tips in subsurf. Select all tips. Ctrl numpad plus grows selection. Shift e will crease those edges keeping that spikey look you may be going for.

Okay for the UV problem it was a stupid mistake -_- What my problem was I was extruding the ends so thats why my uv had a repeating texture, but for the plane issue THANK YOU you are my life saver! Now I can continue to meshing my Lady Gaga hair :slight_smile: