Polyhaven Hell

I tried downloading 3 different .hdr files yesterday, and all were useless .img files instead of hdr.
Anybody else experiencing this?

PolyHaven doesn’t even have an .img download option, you can do .exr, .hdr, a tonemapped .jpg, or a preview .png. This is definitely not a PolyHaven issue


My bad, I meant useless .pic files. I select .hdr and get .pic. Maybe it’s a Mac issue. I’ll try manually changing the extension to .hdr, but never had this problem with their files before.

It’s definitely your computer, or maybe your browser, I just tried downloading a .hdr and it downloaded as an hdr :person_shrugging:

You’re right. It’s a shitty old M1 Mac with the latest shitty version of Opera.


As @josephhansen said two hdri formats or simple jpg and thumbnail png with my vivaldi and older opera (Version:67.0.3575.137) on linux…

Yep, I picked the wrong hardware and software. I’m also really bad at picking a selection from a dropdown menu and hitting download. So bad, in fact, I end up downloading formats that aren’t even available. I guess this whole computer 3d thing just isn’t for me. Guess it’s back to digging ditches.
Sorry for posting.

They still let people dig ditches where you’re from? All the ditches around here are dug by heavy machinery driven by highly paid union labor. Digging ditches is now a six figure job.


Yeah, it’s a non-union state. Mostly prison labor, but if you show em a (fake) green card and affect an accent, they’ll hand you a shovel and let you join the chain gang.


Just don’t say that. All of us had some moments of discouragement and doubt, the difference is what you decide to do about that. Do you think that quitting will solve your problems? Sometimes it will only bring you to the next thing you will quit in your life until you decide to change it.

Why not change it now, breathe deeply, and move forward? You have our support here when you need it.


Thanks, man. I will take your advice to heart.


Hey there,

As hinted above, is it not possible, you somehow download a thumbnail or sth like that, as an image format and not the actual file?

Make sure your browser is up to date, and maybe try another browser.

Blender works on slow end computers as well, even if not that fast, the file formats should work :blush: