polyline with lines and arcs?

Hey all,

I’m obviously new to Blender, coming from Rhino/Autocad.

Is it possible in Blender to make a polyline that has both straight lines and proper circular arcs?

I want to make something like in the attached pic, could you guys tell me what would be the most straight forward way to obtain it?

Many thanks!

Could model one as a mesh, using circles for the corners, or spin tool to get them. Could also use curves to make it and adjust resolution. Third way is to import them from a vector graphics program (.svg), the paths will import as curves.

And since you have CAD background, know that Blender is mainly a polygonal modeling software and polygonal modeling is approximation of curves and surfaces. Fundamentally different from CAD. When using polygonal modeling tools in Blender or in other packages, you’re supposed to use the tools to create a smart approximation, otherwise you’re doing it wrong.

you can try svershok addon with "profile parametric’ node

it work like grasshoper addon for rhino

or just use beziers curves

The bevel tool would work with that as well.

If you’re going to be using Blender I’d suggest getting used to working with meshes. I’d make this by creating a plane and beveling the two vertices with a high segment count and the default 0.5 profile for a round curve.

However, you could use curves and adjust the resolution like JA12 suggested and that offers its own benefits what with the adjustable resolution and you can easily put holes in it by adding circles inside the shape you made if your curve is set to 2D and not 3D. The adjustable resolution is very useful if you ever intend on connecting vertices for cleanly subdividing topology, but that’s not always the goal.

If you are referring specifically to AutoCAD entities, I don’t think that is possible directly.

I am not familiar with Blender nurbs curves, so it might be possible to save as SVG, then convert the splines/beziers to arcs in another application.

How do you want to use the file … for CNC?

In fact the response will depend of what you want as a result.

I believe if you come from Autocad Rhino, you model from polyline… then extrusion, bolean on solid . … In Blender you will maybe need to think differently… ( i come from Autocad ( 25+ years of professional use and teaching Autocad )

If this is a plane … just create one, and use bevel on the corner ( use mirror modifier as you dont need to create each part separately … )