Pomelo - A program for creating meshes from text (and other 2D svg files)


I would like to present the latest version of my program, Pomelo. A program for creating meshes from text, and from other 2D graphics. Here is a quick example of what it can do:

The basic idea of Pomelo, is that you enter text, a font, and a profile, and Pomolo then generates one or meshes (one mesh for each profile layer). The resulting meshes may be saved as STL and GLTF and may then be imported to Blender for further processing.

Note that the meshes that Pomelo generates should be manifold by design, and if they are not, then it is a bug.

The major new feature of this version is the profile editor, that allows designing the curve of the “profile” that travels along the 2D shape edge. Here is an example of the letter o, profiled by two levels in the profile editor:

Why not do this in Blender? I actually tried, and failed. I looked around for tutorials of how to create smooth text in Blender. But even when it worked, it seemed very brittle, and often created bad geometries that had to be fixed manually. Pomelo is my prototype for a more stable process for doing text to mesh. See the README.md file in the home page for additional detail.

The home page of Pomelo is at: https://github.com/dov/pomelo/ , which also has a download link for a Windows installer. I also invite you have look at the README.md file for a more complete decription of what Pomelo can do.

In addition, I have prepared a short tutorial at how to use Pomelo:

And finally, I would love to see what artwork you can create using Pomelo. :slight_smile:


seems interesting bcause it can create profiles. Very good, I think it will be useful not only for texts. I thought why not doing armor pieces? then you can remesh them and curve them on a surface. thats my idea for now

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What does it look like when imported into Blender? All quads, tris? It would be very useful if the geometry is cleaner than what Blender makes (when Blender text is converted to a mesh).

@Safetyman Algorithmically it is all quads, but the quads are stored as triangles. Because of the way that Pomelo produces the meshes, it should all be clean and manifold. There is a brief technical description in the git repo, but I should really write up a more detailed description how it works.

Sounds good. Thanks for the info.

I have just released a new version that includes much improved gltf output that contains all the mesh layers with their colors.

Here is the result of importing such a mesh into Blender and after playing with the material properties:

I believe creating such meshes natively in Blender would be very difficult.


Nice! I edited your post to fix the YouTube embed (just put the URL on its own line and it’ll expand into a player). I also moved your post to #coding:released-scripts-and-themes for better visibility.

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Please make this an add on for blender. Thanks for sharing.

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