Pondering on how to join model

Anyone here can tell me the best way of joining two half of this model ? Please don’t make any suggestions on change or improvements, I had it with this model, thanks.


selected the meshes then:

control+j == join mesh

if its too part then try increase rims and remove doubles

Make sure your verts on the center line have an x (or y) value of 0. You probably nudged half of your model without knowing it (easy to do).

Bring up your numbers window (n key) to check your values. Once you have the two halves where they need to be, cntl-j to join, then remove your duplicates (in editing tools)

Yea, I know how to join them, I was refering to the mesh, the spacing down the middle.

select two verts, press alt m, choose ‘at center’, then move on to the next pair, and repeat. also, select all verts and press the ‘set smooth’ button. you may then also have to do a ‘ctrl N’ for ‘recalculate normals outside’. that’s if you get any ugly black patches when you do the ‘set smooth’.

that is slow… and hard

what you do is:
put the 3d cursor on a grid along the middle, by left clicking near that point, then pressing shift+s and choosing “cursor -> grid” (cursor to grid?)

then press the period key

join the two meshes if you haven’t yet

select the verts you want to be along the middle, with the box select probably

go into the front view, and put your mouse to the right of the 3d cursor a good ways

enter scaling mode, and move your cursor to the 3d cursor [left] a ways, then press the middle mouse button [still in scaling mode]

hold control and move your cursor towards the 3d cursor until you are scaling to zero [holding control locks to 0.1 increment when scaling]

press remove doubles in the edit buttons or the specials (w key) menu

select all of your mesh and recalculate normals with control+n

Thanks modron thanks babe